As the owner of the C&O Restaurant in Charlottesville Virginia for more than 30 years I have had the good fortune to be the steward of a number of important strides forward. We began as the quintessential grassroots organization in 1976. In all candor it was touch and go those first few years. We were an eager band of dreamers with our sights set high and our budget set low. For years we bought used chairs from second hand brokers that needed repairing when they arrived and never lasted very long. There have been a number of red letter days at the C&O. One of them clearly was the day we took delivery on a truck load of E.A. Clore chairs. We bought about 100 of them at once, enough to supply the whole restaurant. It was one of those moments when we felt "we have arrived." Since then we have used nothing else. They are sturdy beyond measure. Occasionally a customer will be too rough with a chair and a rung may crack or through excessive use, a seat may be come worn and need to be rewoven. It's a rare occasion but not at all unpleasant because I then have the chance to visit the E.A. Clore plant in Madison. The repairs are made quickly and the chairs are returned like new. In the offing I get to visit with these fine craftsmen and old friends.

David Simpson
C&O Restaurant / Proprietor
Charlottesville, VA